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“Water” is one of the top natural resources that we possess, perhaps the most important one. It is indispensable for life. Water covers ¾ of the earth. Up to 70 percent of the human body is water. We need water to function. We drink water. We eat what grows with and in water. We may find ourselves in water, as well namely in sea, pools or look for a healing in springs.

Thus, anything that affects water affects human health, too.

Ever-increasing population, urbanization, industrialization and agricultural activities lead to a decline in water resources on one hand, and cause pollution on the other. The impact of the climate change increases the depletion of water resources, as well.

“Water” is such a multilateral subject that a great deal of industries, organizations and institutions exert efforts for water. That is why water management is one of the most fundamental topics that call for a multi-stakeholder perspective.

With the thought of "everything about water" in mind, we held the National Water and Health Congress with International Participation from October 26 through 30, 2015 with great success. Having attracted major attention, the Congress yielded fruitful outputs. We now would like the Congress to assume an international dimension to expand it further and turn it into an annual occasion.

In cooperation with the Public Health Institution of Turkey, Karadeniz Technical University, Istanbul University and Erciyes University, the 2nd INTERNATIONAL WATER AND HEALTH CONGRESS will be organized in Antalya Rixos Sungate Hotel between February 13 - 17, 2017.

As it was the case for the first one, the theme of this congress is designated as “everything about water”. Participants will dwell on topics such as drinking tap water, bottled water (natural spring water, drinking water and mineral water), swimming water, swimming pools, hot springs, use of water for agricultural purposes, waste water, aquacultural resources, water pollution, water quality monitoring, laboratories and water management in various aspects and in the light of current developments.

Given the fact that the theme “everything about water”, the target group of participants is comprised of “everyone working for water”. We would like to invite all scholars including those lecturing in departments of aquaculture, environmental engineering, chemistry, biology, hydroclimatology and agriculture as well as municipalities, provincial private administrations, producers and industrialists of bottled water and aquacultural products, swimming pool and hot spring operators, producers and dealers of water disinfection products, and those in charge of monitoring water quality to our Congress.

Süleyman BAYKAL, MD, Prof.
Chairman of the Congress
Rector of Karadeniz Technical University


İrfan ŞENCAN, MD, Prof.
Chairman of the Congress
Head of the Public Health Institution of Turkey